How will you cheat on me with a guy that drives 2007 Camry whereas I own 2012 Lexus – Man confronts girlfriend

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An argument between a young Nigerian man and his girlfriend has been captured on camera and shared on social media.

The livid man from the snippet of the almost viral footage had contended that his woman had cheated on him after which he reportedly sent a soldier to her residence to retrieve the iPhone he had purchased for her.

The former lovebirds were seen bickering about who was at fault in a car while they were all travelling to an unidentified place in a video that circulated on social media platforms.

The man expressed disbelief at how she chose to violate his love and trust despite all that he did to spoil and take care of her and questioned what women desire.

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What seems to have annoyed him to the core is the fact that the man she allegedly cheated on him with drives a 2007 Toyota Camry while he drives a 2012 Lexus.

However, the girl denied cheating and thought that his response was an overreaction to an unfounded charge.



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