How Would You Know If My Husband Is The One With The Camera – Tiktoker Asantewaa Quizzes Critics

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Tiktoker Asantewaa has replied to those criticizing her over her videos with her manager asking how they would know if her husband is the one with the camera recording whatever she’s doing with her manager.

Asantewaa has been dragged on the gram over her videos with her manager as if they are lovers and has replied to them all asking them how would they know if her husband is the one behind the camera.

According to her, she’s an actress and can kiss or do whatever is asked of her just to deliver on the task given her hence those talking about her videos with her manager should allow her to do her work.

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Asantewaa is right as we don’t know what she and her husband do or say behind the scene and she said that he is aware of everything she does with her manager hence we have nothing to worry about.

video below;

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