How’s The Silhouette Challenge Done? Watch As These Ladies From Different Parts Of The World Demonstrate It In This Video

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Another madness has erupted on social media and it’s called the Silhouette Challenge.

Whoever invented this fast-spreading social media phenomenon must be bored with her life and for all the hot ladies who have joined the challenge with some going very raw with it, we can only say the youthful exuberance in this our dispensation has been taken to a different dimension altogether.

Some religious zealots and other ‘concerned’ people have spoken vehemently about it and labeled it a challenge originating right from the pit of hell. One Twitter user from Nigeria also added his voice to with the following admonition;

Beware!!! The #silhouettechallenge challenge is not good and it is very Devilish. It originated in 1814 Edo, Nigeria. It is a demon that possesses the mind of whoever sees her dancing. She was locked in the shadows of the night by some powerful Men of God. Now she plans to return back to the whole world through social media. If you’ve started watching the challenge already. Stop as soon as you see this. If you’ve partaken in the Challenge, run to River Jordan in any possible way you can now for cleansing. Avoid #silhouettechallenge.

Meanwhile, watch the video below to see how it’s done;


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