Fella Makafui Finally Clarifies Why She Broke Up With Medikal

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The melodrama which shrouded the crash of Fella Makafui and Medikal’s relationship is in the spotlight again after the former made a new post to suggests why she dumped the cheating ass of MDK.

Yeah, it’s true Medikal’s friend Shatta Wale has begged Fella Makafui to let sleeping dogs lie and reconcile with the Omo Ada hitmaker but we have not seen any new progress to that effect.

In a ‘self note’ addressed to herself, Fella hinted that Medikal compromised their relationship just to make other women happy or not to offend other women to be more precise.

Herein, we guess Medikal was paying more attention to ex girlfriend Sister Derby rather than investing in their relationship and this is something she couldn’t bottle it up any longer.

Here’s all that she said:

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