Hugh Segal cause of death, obituary, funeral

Under discussion in this report are Hugh Segal’s cause of death, obituary, and funeral. He died on August 9, 2023, in Kingston, Ontario. In the meantime, his cause of death has not been established yet, according to preliminary information we have obtained.

Who is Hugh Segal?

Hugh Segal was a Canadian political strategist, author, commentator, academic, and senator. John Diefenbaker’s 1962 visit to Segal’s school, the United Talmud Torah Academy in Montreal, served as his inspiration. After graduating from the University of Ottawa, Segal worked as an assistant to Robert Stanfield, the federal Progressive Conservative Leader of the Opposition, in the early 1970s.

Hugh Segal political career

Segal was chosen by Paul Martin, a liberal prime minister, to serve in Canada’s Senate in 2005. The Conservative government reportedly wanted to appoint a more ideologically conservative senator to the position after the committee issued a report critical of the Conservative government’s foreign aid policy, and he “reluctantly” agreed to resign in 2007 at their request.

However, Segal argued that the change was purely administrative. Later, Segal served as the chair of the Special Senate Committee on Anti-Terrorism’s chair.

Segal was chosen by Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma to join the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group (EPG) on July 7, 2010. The group’s mandate is to present firm suggestions on how to make the Commonwealth stronger and reach its full potential in the twenty-first century.

He was appointed special envoy to the Commonwealth by the federal government in December 2011 with the responsibility of persuading individual nations to ratify the 106 recommendations of the EPG.

Segal advocated a moderate form of conservatism that has little in common with American or British neoconservatism or British Thatcherism. He was a Red Tory in the vein of Robert Stanfield, Bill Davis, Sir John A. Macdonald, Benjamin Disraeli, and John Diefenbaker. This political theory places a strong emphasis on the common good and encourages interclass harmony.

One Nation Conservatism is frequently connected to it. Order, effective governance, and shared responsibility are the main concerns. Personal freedom and individual rights are not seen as unqualified. Segal endeavored to draw a distinction between what he called “traditional” conservatives and neo-conservatives, particularly those in the United States, in his book Beyond Greed: A Traditional Conservative Confronts Neo-Conservative Excess (Toronto: Stoddart, 1997).

Segal opposed the installation of the War Measures Act by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during the October Crisis of 1970 on the grounds of civil liberties. He supports maintaining a robust social safety net while bolstering Canada’s military and promoting investment.

Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party embraced his 1998 proposal to lower Canada’s goods and services tax from 7% to 6% (and eventually to 5%) in 2005.

He endorsed the death penalty throughout his campaign for president. The Long Road Back: The Conservative Journey, 1993–2006, Segal’s most recent book, was published in 2006 by HarperCollins in Toronto.

Hugh Segal cause of death, obituary, funeral

Hugh Segal funeral

Hugh Segal cause of death has not been ascertained yet. His obituary has been shared on social media to confirm his death. Fellow politicians like Rick Perkins, MP – South Shore-St. Margarets wrote;

“I am so sad to learn of the passing of my friend and former Senator Hugh Segal far too young at 72. A dedicated servant to Ontario and Canada and a passionate political organzer, he was know in Party circles as the Happy Warrior. We loved his sense of humour. In 1993 while serving as Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Mulroney, he was asked during his contemplation of running for the Party leadership, if he had ever smoked cannabis. He said no, that he had a proclivity for smoked meat and yes he did inhale. Read his books. And I can personally say, as many other can attest, Hughie made Canada a much better place because of his passion and dedication. A great loss for his family, friends and his country.”

His funeral arrangements are still pending.


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