Husband books himself business class leaves wife and toddler in economy flight

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A mother of a toddler has shared how her husband booked for himself a business class ticket while he left her and their toddler on an economy flight.

According to the mother, her husband lied to her and booked an economy flight for her. She stated that his work had paid for him to fly.

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Writing on the parenting forum Mumsnet, under the thread “AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable?]”, the woman said her husband had been traveling long-haul for a work trip, and said she and their two-year old son should come too in order to “tag on” a holiday.

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She writes: “I only agreed to go if [my son] and I flew premium economy as it’s a long way, I’ll be on my own with toddler whilst [my husband] is in business class (work paid for his ticket).

“[He] said fine, no problem, had lots of points to use. Booked the flights. Told me had booked premium.

“Six weeks later I discover he’d lied and basically booked the cheapest economy tickets available (no seat reservation option/upgrade option),” she continued.

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“I tried ringing the airline but the premium economy was fully booked one way and the other way there was space, but at a cost of £2k, so I said no.”

“I’ve gone nuts at my [husband] because I think he’s a selfish prick that was too tight to book a seat reservation when making the booking. Meanwhile, he laps it up in business class.”

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“AIBU to drag him out of business class so he can do his share of parenting?” asked the frazzled mother.

She added that she was dreading trying to get her child to sleep in a middle seat as other passengers would likely get up to move around or go to the toilet.

“I doubt we can swap halfway through but did wonder if he could take [our son] to sleep with him as he will be able to lie down?” she asks Mumsnet users.



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