“I am a better content creator than you are” – Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon drag and insult each other on social media

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Two young Ghanaian content creators, Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon have locked horns on social media as they drag and insult each other over claims that one is better than the other.

Why won’t they allow their followers to shout their praise and point out who is better? Why are the two Kwadwos blowing their own trumpets and shaming each other to court the sympathy of netizens?

Well, there are answers to these baffling questions.

"I am a better content creator than you are" – Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon drag and insult each other on social media
Teacher Kwadwo

It all began when Kwadwo Sheldon got his YouTube channel terminated about three weeks ago. When the unfortunate news about the termination of the account was announced, Teacher Kwadwo shared a post where he somewhat rejoiced over it.

He, however, came back to throw his support behind Kwadwo Sheldon when he called on his followers to go follow the ad-hoc account that was created by Kwadwo Sheldon while he awaited the restoration of his account.

Well, this did not sit well with Kwadwo Sheldon who believed he was been made a mockery of by Teacher Kwadwo. Fast forward, the former had his account restored and continued creating content.

What resurrected their supposedly dead ‘beef’ is when Teacher Kwadwo was adjudged the 2020 Content Creator of the Year (Social Media) at the just-ended National Communications Award 2020.

Kwadwo Sheldon was part of the nominees for the same category but was not able to win it although he believes he is the rightful recipient of such a coveted award.

Fans of these two content creators, took to social media predominantly Twitter to shower praises on their favourite and why they think he deserves or does not deserve the award. This led to a lot of comparison of contents and the quality of work done by Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon over the years.

What started as a peaceful showoff between fans and other celebrities in relation to why they believe Teacher Kwadwo is a better content creator than Kwadwo Sheldon, degenerated into a heated scuffle which is yet to cool.

Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon did not miss chances to denigrate, insult and cast aspersions at each other. They drag each other’s work in the mud and point out the shortfalls in one another’s work and point fingers accusingly at each other with stern warnings.

Teacher Kwadwo found himself wanting when he was described as an e-begger following his request on social media to his followers to support him in cash in order to purchase a new car. This was hammered by Kwadwo Sheldon which indeed rubbed him the wrong way.

"I am a better content creator than you are" – Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon drag and insult each other on social media
Kwadwo Sheldon

The bragging right continued with Teacher Kwadwo and Kwadwo Sheldon trying to outdo each other as they count their blessings and name them one by one. While the former believes he is a better content creator, the latter believes he has been doing things differently and charted a path that has become very enviable.

Why should two content creators be having a “beef?”

Follow the screenshots below to have an understanding of the extent of animosity and envy that was communicated through the words of Teacher Kwadwo to Kwadwo Sheldon and vice versa.



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