“I am a “Sakawa” boy and I am proud of it” – Gentleman unashamedly declares

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"I am a "Sakawa" boy and I am proud of it" – Gentleman unashamedly declares

A gentleman who calls himself Yemi has declared that he is a ‘Sakawa’ boy and he actually feels very proud of it.

This public declaration by this man comes on the back of a viral tweet by one social media user who said cheating people on the internet or hiding behind rituals to make money should not be deemed as work but rather a criminal act.

Per the tweet, this social media user was condemning cybercrime, fraud and money rituals that have been given a special moniker “Yahoo” in Nigeria and “Sakawa” in Ghana and how it has become rife.

Many netizens agreed with this assertion and said doing “Sakawa” or “Yahoo” is indeed a criminal act which nobody should be proud of.

Well, Yemi disagreed with this popular opinion and came back to write: I AM A YAHOO BOY!!! & I AM FUCKING PROUD OF IT!!!

…A tweet that has since gone viral and received varying responses from netizens.

@ChuGailx wrote: Just so you know, you ruined work for many young creatives like me who work on foreign spaces. You’re mad

@victorrrrby replied @ChuGailx by writing: You wouldn’t have to work on ‘foreign spaces’ if we had a good govt btw,Everyone would be doing just fine without engaging in fraud or work on foreign spaces’. You should be glad you’ve got a job lol, some educated creative graduates are out there still seeking for one

@ayigbe_nani wrote: A proud criminal right 

@Daphne459 wrote: Unashamedly and unapogetically you’ve owned up your hustle. This MF won’t give you connections for jobs but they’d be the first to scream “yahoo is fraud”. Stop bleating about yahoo boys, they are not d problem of Nigeria. A lot of these guys had 2 indulge in yahoo becos they were left with no options and I guess if you were in their shoes with no connections, jobs, nd an influential parents you’d do everything 2 rise above poverty.

I_Be_Old_Warri wrote: Hushpuppi knew he had limited freedom time so he peppered our eyes with good good stuffs. Man didn’t need to tell us he was a Yahoo boy and a proud one at that.. Na empty pangolo dey loud pass sha. Post your Rolls Royce or STFU

What’s your view on this?

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