I Am Attracted To My Husband’s Best Friend With Six Packs, My Lazy Husband Doesn’t Want To Get Rid Of His Pot Belly And It’s Irritating Me – Lady Laments

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Marriage is gradually turning away from the sacred union we believe it to be. Sons and Daughters of Adam & Eve keep shocking us with their weird decisions and actions.

That being said, a lady has taken to social media to ask for tips on how to seduce and sleep with her husband’s best friend.

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According to her, her husband’s best friend who is 27 years old takes good care of himself physically. She explained how he eats healthy and spends time at the gym sculpting his body. But her husband on the other hand is a 30 year old man with a pot belly. To add sore to injury, her husband has refused to work out to trim his bulging belly which she compared to a “wedding balloon”.

Read her full story below;

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“Sir, I am s3xually attracted to my husband’s best friend. Unlike my husband, his best friend takes great interest in his looks. He has a very nice body. Abs, muscles and a glowing skin. His physique is worth dying for.

I go complete nutso when he comes around. The moment he steps into our compound, I’m dripping wet. My vagina keeps pulsating and there are times I find myself cumming when he touches me or is talking to me for long. I have to walk away or go and put on a panty liner. He has a very deep voice and a broad chest.

When I stare at his region, I see his log is a real log because his height even shows. I am not being naughty sir; I just want you to understand that this guy is the real deal! He is innovative and even richer than my husband. I mean, this guy is so focused. Talk of being funny, he is a whole mood. We never stop laughing when he is around.

He drives crazy but is very careful, I love it if we are going out and he is the chauffeur. I admire his courage.
He and my husband been friends since high school. He achieved almost everything before my husband did second.

He is often the one to connect him or bring an idea for them to execute. I really admire him. Their friendship is so genuine and envious. They love each other so much. Sometimes I wonder how such a person is friends with my hubby and why his way of life doesn’t motivate my hubby to try and be a better person too.

He comes to the house almost every morning to ask him to hit the gym with him but this lazy man with his stomach like wedding balloon will say tomorrow. I have personally told him that his stomach is becoming big so he should start hitting the gym, his response was ‘to have a potbelly and be alive is better than to be dead’. I don’t even know what to do again.
His friend is not yet married and about three years younger than my hubby but the guy is soo hot. I just hate it when his fiancée comes around because I feel like she’s snatching my man.

The worst thing is, he has failed to notice all the advances I am making towards him. The texts, glances and touches…he feels it’s all a joke or something. His fiancée is just so lucky. When I see how he carries and throw her about like a baby, I turn to hate my hubby even more. I am slim, we have no kids yet and I am not pregnant or something. Why is a thirty years old man behaving like he is ninety when his friend of twenty-seven is working so much on himself?
I really want to find a day to visit his friend and force him to f*ck the madness out of me just once. That should make me feel better because the thought of my husband alone makes me sick, not to talk of his presence and his touch. I am completely down for this guy. In fact, I am willing to be his anything provided he wants me to.
I know I should be asking you to talk me out of this but sincerely, I rather want tips to seduce a man who is not looking your way in any form. I am sure after we do it once, I will be relieved. Secondly, how do I convince my man to start hitting the gym too? He is tall so I am sure he can end up looking like his friend in the end. Please help me.”

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