“I Am Guilty Of Looking Down On Africans Who Can’t Speak Good English And I Feel Bad About It Now”-2Baba

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Africans will always be at war with ourselves over the Queen’s language, and to not express yourself well in it means that you aren’t just good enough.

People have often been looked down upon for not speaking good English and everyone is guilty of this at least ones.

The Nigerian singer, 2Baba is certainly one of those people who have openly admitted their guilt over the situation and according to him, he feels terrible about that now.

Foe 2Baba, it is difficult for him to understand why people laugh at those that don’t speak good English.

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Some Africans normally feel superior to others by virtue of the fact that they can speak better English than them, something 2Baba is appalled by.

He admitted his guilt, nonetheless as he has also felt this way.

He wrote on Twitter;

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“Why do we as Africans laugh or look down at us that can’t speak English proper or don’t have the accent? Why do we feel superior because we can speak English with their accent? I have been guilty of this and I feel terrible now.”

It has become quite an issue that if you have the skill and aren’t able to express yourself very well in English, you’re not taken for anything.

It very good to have a firm grip on the language but it shouldn’t be the standard, especially as we have our own languages that we use to communicate within ourselves.

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