I Am Not Ready To Unite With Shatta Wale Because Of How He Thinks Plus He’s Not Wise-Stonebwoy

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Stonebwoy has explained in a new interview with SVTV why he cannot unite with Shatta Wale after the show host asked him that question. Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale have been music rivals for a long time and funny enough, they are still under the same record label.

This year, we’ve witnessed the two ‘biting’ each other in some songs. Remember Shatta Wale’s direct diss song to Stonebwoy, ‘No Mercy For the Cripple’?  And Stonebwoy’s subtle diss song to Wale, ‘Dirty Enemies’ in which he featured the black stars skipper Asamoah Gyan.—Don’t forget ‘Obiaa Woni Master’ by Yaa Pono ft Stonebwoy.

In this new video, Stonebwoy spoke to SVTV from Switzerland, where he’s currently at for his EOM album tour, he revealed that he can’t unite with Shatta Wale because his level of thinking is totally different from his. 

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In giving an example of one of the things, Shatta Wale has done that makes him feel that way, he mentioned that Shatta Wale at one point in time did a song and said in the song that, he (Stonebwoy) had killed his mother. Stonebwoy also added that Shatta Wale is not wise.

He feels uniting with Shatta Wale wouldn’t bring any drastic change as they are both doing their music and everyone is achieving something with it and that he has no issues with Shatta.

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He also hinted that, if the time comes for them to do a collaboration on a song, he would do it, although it’s not something he’s really expecting.


Watch the full video below:

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