‘I Am Sorry’ — Anas Apologises To Ghanaians For The First Time

A day after the airing of Ken Agyapong’s ‘exposé’, Anas Aremeyaw Anas is conducting a media tour and answering certain questions in relation to his work and his methods which are being challenged by the MP.


In an interview on TV3 this morning, Anas also for the first time apologized for how his actions might have negatively affected Ghanaian football.

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The ‘Number 12’ exposé, which highlighted rot in Ghana football, has led to the shut down of the FA and all its activities, grinding football to a halt in Ghana and possibly costing under age female teams their participation at upcoming world cups.


Speaking on TV3 in a one-on-one interview with Michael Oti Adjei, Anas addressed how his exposé has affected Ghanaian football.

“To be honest, I am just learning for the first time that that this one has stopped the under 17 women; I did not know. I do not follow football… if I have hurt the feelings of these people, I can only say I apologise,” he said .

“I went into this story looking for good and quality football for Ghana, I think we are better than what we are displaying and I think that part of it is as a result of bad leadership, bad referees, and bad Ghana sports authorities that is why my investigation looked all these areas.

“I know that some of them will not be happy, but my intention was not to grind everything to a halt. My intention was for us to do retrospection into seeing where things have gone haywire and to find lasting solutions so that in five or six years to come, we will have a formidable national football team,” he added.