I Am Sorry I Stooped Too Low to Exchange Words With Kraman Yere Afia Schwar-Akua GMB Apologizes

Akua GMB has said that she will not exchange words or insult Afia Schwarzenegger again, even if the latter does her worst.

She revealed in a post sighted by Ghbase.com that during her feud with the controversial media personality, she had some prominent people who came to her DM privately, with some calling her privately to tell her to put a stop to what she was doing but she never listened.

After considering several things, Akua GMB has rendered an unqualified apology to those whom she disappointed during the feud.

According to her, this is not who she truly is, but Afia Schwar provoked her to the extent that she had no option but to stoop too low to the actress’ level and fight her.

Taking to her Instagram page, Akua posted a picture of herself and captioned it “There comes a time in a person’s life when you have to step down from your high horse, take off your boots and walk barefooted in the mud. But you always have to remember that is not where you belong. I am sorry for the people I disappointed for descending to the stray dog’s level but I don’t regret doing that. She has bullied me for too long . I am done
and dusted . Thank you all for the love and support. I am back to factory settings. Plush, classy and boujie ❤️”.

Meanwhile, Afia Schwar is still yet to respond to Akua GMB.


Akua Amoakowaa called out the Ghana Police for treating a civil case like a criminal case as she said “Owing someone is a civil case, not a criminal case. The poor should have a voice in the country. I hardly bring my issues on social media but this time, Adonko Company Ltd.”.

The ex-wife of the business mogul said that what the police do these days is contrary to their core mandate.

She claimed the police are to protect the rights and privileges of the Ghanaian, both the rich and the poor but in our contemporary Ghanaian society, the rich use the police to instead intimidate and humiliate the everyday Ghanaian.

According to her as a legal practitioner, she is yet to find out which part of the constitution of Ghana says that a person should be arrested for owing another.

The private legal practitioner implored the Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, to ensure that all the policemen and women in the country are given proper education so that they do not turn out to intimidate and humiliate the poor instead of helping them.

“Some rich men in this country are using some policemen in the police service to intimidate and humiliate poor people in this country. The core mandate of the Ghana police service is to apprehend and prosecute offenders, Maintain law and order, and of life and property, she said.

“I haven’t come across any clause in the constitution or article that says a person can be kept behind bars overnight for owing someone. I am pleading with the IGP to please educate some policemen who are being used as debt collectors to leave that in the hands of the judiciary if the person did not acquire the debt through fraudulent means”, she added.

Reacting to this, Afia Schwar said that Dada, who is Akua Amoakowaa’s elderly brother has defrauded an adonko distributing woman of 55k Ghana cedis.

According to Afia Schwar, Dr. Kwkau Oteng employed Dada in his “Adonko Bitters” company when he was in a relationship with his sister, Akua Amoakowaa.

Afia Schwar revealed that after the relationship between Akua Amoakowaa and Dr. Kwaku Oteng turned sour, Dada was to be sacked but Dr. Kwaku Otend decided to maintain him because he is still an uncle to his children.

Afia Schwar claimed still working under “Adonko”, Dada took GHC 55,000 from an Adonko-distributing woman and told her that she would give her some Adonko bitters, which the woman never received.

Instead of Dada telling the woman something, he was playing hide and seek with the woman and finally got arrested.

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