I Am Still Single Because I Am Afraid Of Being Divorced Shortly After Getting Married – 41-Year-Old Genevieve Nnaji

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Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji’s biggest fear about marriage is divorce which has influenced her decision to stay single even at age 41.

According to her, her desire is to stay in a marriage for life but her fears are heightened based on the high rate of divorces cases marriages are recording.

The ‘Lion Heart’ director revealed her phobia on divorce and why it has influenced her status as the finest bachelorette in an exclusive interview.

“If I get married, I really want to stay married and staying married is not an easy thing. It means you are completely in tune with your partner,” she said.

“It means you have found your soul mate and will have to be able to stand a lot of disappointments that would definitely come but then again you have to learn how to forgive,” she added.

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She may have a point but will she refuse to visit the hospital when she is sick with the fear that she may die shortly upon admission?


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