Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘I am the politician you can trust. Believe in me and vote for me – Akufo-Addo appeals to Ghanaians

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President Akufo-Addo is appealing to Ghanaians to renew his mandate in the upcoming general elections based on the fact that he is the only trustworthy politician among the lots.

According to him, he didn’t become a president to lie and deceive the citizens but to serve and make the livelihood of all and sundry better which he has done in the first term of his tenure.

Speaking to the chiefs and people of the Bono East Region, President Akufo-Addo said Ghanaians should entrust their hopes in him and vote massively in his favour at the December polls.

“The most important thing I want to say is that I want Ghanaians to know I didn’t become President to deceive anybody. When I made my promises during my run for the presidency, the opposition said I couldn’t do what I had promised and that I was deceiving Ghanaians because they don’t have the vision, they don’t have the understanding of how to do things.”

“Everything I wanted to do in education, industry, agriculture, each one of the policies they said we couldn’t do it and it was misplaced, but Ghanaians have realised I came to tell the truth, I came to help the nation to prosper and that is exactly what we are doing now.”

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The president made mention of his personal qualities like truthfulness, faithfulness and diligence as motivating tools for Ghanaians to vote to ensure that he completes the good works he has started.

“I want the Ghanaian people to understand that Akufo-Addo is a truthful person and he is a man of his words and, so, they should trust me.

“I’ll not drive the country into a ditch, on the contrary, I want to take the country to a good place”.

The manifestoes of the two major parties, NPP and NDC, have been launched for Ghanaians to peruse and arrive at a logical conclusion as to who deserves their vote come 7th December 2020.






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