I beat my husband often, help me because I want to stop hurting him- ‘Jackie Chan’ woman confesses

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An abusive wife has spilled out her bad deeds in a post she addressed to a counsellor who plies his trade on the internet.

The unnamed woman whose post originally popped up on a popular Facebook page, said she assaults her husband with or the least provocation and this is eating deep into her soul as she thinks it’s grossly not right.

Her post read;

“Please I need help 🥺
I have been married for 5months now and am very abusive to my husband. The least provocation I call him names and sometimes try to hit him with objects.

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There are days he goes to bed with tears and I don’t seem to care until am in the mood to play nicely, he forgets easily about it and we laugh again. He’s that free spirit type, I feel it’s not normal.

I need all the help or advice from you all. I don’t want to lose him please 😭🥺.I get all aggressive even if am at fault he will still apologize just for peace to rain. Because of thes behaviors am becoming suicidal, I feel I don’t deserve him and I want to end it all.

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My husband is a good man. This is a man who after getting paid at work will bring the money for me to decide how much he will spend throughout. Am a abusive with words and actions. Am tired 🥺🥺🥺🥺”

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