I can only marry a woman whose mother has a provision shop, nobody should ask me why- Man says on Twitter 

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A man has pumped life into Twitter space after he revealed the only criteria that will convince him to get married.

Identified as Happy Kid on Twitter, the man who reportedly hails from Nigeria said he’ll only marry a woman whose mother has a mini mall, also known as a provision shop.

According to him, any girl whose mother does not have a provision shop is a red flag already, saying it is his personal decision that needs no further explanation.

He wrote: “Since we are talking about preferences; I can’t marry someone whose mum does not have a provision store. Don’t ask me why the reason is personal🙏🏿”

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In other news, a Nigerian man has shared with the rest of the internet community how he convinced his friend based abroad not to marry a girl in Nigeria.

This guy who uses the ID Okoye Cardinal on Twitter revealed that his friend who resides in the United Kingdom sent photos of a girl from their hometown he wanted to marry.

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His friend spoke highly of the lady and described her as a God-fearing woman who fits his specs, only for Okoye to let him know that this particular lady is a clubber who twerks hard to entertain others in nightclubs and he has videos to prove this.

So he sent the UK guy videos of the girl twerking and which eventually crumpled the proposed marriage plans he had.

Okoye wrote; ”My guy who resides in the UK sent me a pic of our town gal he wants to marry, he praises the girl as God fearing, coincidentally the girl is on my contact list & I view her statues… I just sent d guy only 2 videos of the girl twerking etc in clubs.. d marriage is cancelled shaa.”

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