I cannot damage the reputation of Ga women- Nii Funny apologises for saying Ga women like begging

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Nii Funny has apologised after he recently caused outrage among the Ga community on social media when he said Ga women love begging for money a lot in a relationship.

He did not end there, he also said women from the Ga tribe are fond of funerals even when the deceased is not related to them in any way.

The musician who is a Ga himself, said this when Halifax hosted him on Okay FM and asked him why he abandoned indigenous women to marry an American. Responding, the singer said;

“They don’t like me. They fear me. They think I will not take them anywhere. One thing I don’t like about the Ga women is that they like begging

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Any little thing, they want to do this and that. They can ask you for 1000 cedis and 2000 cedis to buy cloth.

And if you ask them what they need cloth for, they will tell you their brother’s father’s brother’s friend’s little brother’s brother’s son has got a funeral. It’s too much.”

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He has since apologized for his remarks, which offended several of his social media fans.

The Gbogbo hitmaker said that news accounts of his interview misrepresented his remarks as an assault on all Ga women.

He continued by saying that due to their contributions to all facets of national development, Ga women were deserving of respect and admiration.

His full statement is captured in the screenshot below;

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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