I Cheated On Her Several Times And Now She Has Found A Lover, I Haven’t Been Able To Eat For Three Days Now – Married Man Narrates

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Things Men Genuinely Struggle With But Refuse To Let The World Know

A married man has narrated how his wife paid him back for cheating on her multiple times and as a result he’s been unable to eat for days now.

His post read:

Hello Admin Shaida.
Not sure if this is allowed. But you can dismiss if not allowed. I just want to free myself and mind. You see, the thing be say I dey cheat on my wife. It didn’t mean anything I wasn’t planning on leaving my family, NEVER. So anytime my wife caught me , I cried and begged her. In my mind I go change oooo but somehow somehow I still dey do the thing.

I dey try dey hide am, but Charley ihard… For months wifey no dey disturb or catch me, she no dey complain . She come dey make happy. She dey look nice. I see say, she dey hide phone calls wey she dey laugh laugh for house.

I come dey suspect am, wey I come search in phone. My people my wife get side guy. Wey the things dem dey do herh, I no fit sleep. I felt sick. But finally had the courage to confront her. She started crying and said it didn’t mean anything. Those words pierced my heart. It felt like my heart was coming out of my body. I haven’t slept in days. You see I saw myself in her, and the way edey pain when they do you the way you dey do them. I no fit chop since yesterday. I no fit work sef. I conf , the thing is it’s very painful. I just wanted to talk . What I for do????

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