Nana Tornado’s latest interview has validated claims by Moesha and co that some old rich men love to spend soo much money and do anything just so they can have sekz with. In an interview on Zionfelix’s Celebrity Ride show, the actor disclosed that one of the businesses he does is to pimp out girls to rich men.

Nana Tornado who was born Emil Wood confidently told the show host that he pimps out girls to rich men and that he has girls in Ghana and all over the world. Anyone who wanted a girl to sleep with just places a call to him, and regardless of where you are in the world, he can connect you because he has all the girls.

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According to him, he takes commission from the girls, he connects to because the kind of men he links them to are filthy rich, and the girls always benefit more from it to the extent of some even getting cars for just opening their legs wide open for the men.

Nana Tornado

He said, most of the girls are ungrateful, as some of them grow wings when they make some money after he links them, and refuse to honor their part of the deal, so now he even takes his money from the girls, before connecting them to the men.

When Zionfelix tried to find out from him who these men are, he refused to mention any names, saying that his deals are confidential and would never expose his clients. He added that now he takes $1,000 from the men first before connecting them to any girl as well.

It seems like it’s some money making a business out there huh! Well, watch that part of the interview below and SHARE this story for us. Thanks for reading.

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