I cook fresh food and wash for my husband everyday, it hasn’t reduced my worth as a Lawyer – woman sparks controversy

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A married lawyer has stirred reactions after she listed all that she does for her husband daily which hasn’t diminished her value.

The lawyer, identified as Princess Jemaimah, revealed in a Facebook post on Wednesday that she washes her husband’s clothes daily, makes him fresh food every day, and even holds the bowl for him to wash his hands.

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According to her, she is happy to do these things for her husband as she considers it an honour to love and care for him.

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“I AM A LAWYER! I Wash My Husband’s Clothes (Daily)! I Make Him Fresh Food (Daily)! I Serve Him His Food & Hold The Bowl For Him To Wash His Hands. I Clean The House (Daily)! I Banng Him (Daily) E T C!

“It Doesn’t Reduce Me In Anyway. It’s Actually An Honour To Love & Care For Someone So Selflessly. Most Times, We Do This Chores Together. I Will Say He Runs More Errands For Me Than I Do For Him Sef. Brethren, A Happy Marriage Is A Place Of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Selfless Service.” She wrote.

Her post quickly went viral and elicited mixed reactions from social media users.

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While some viewed her actions as a sign of love and devotion, others berated her and accused her of reinforcing patriarchal norms.

Reacting, a Twitter user wrote,

“Good for you,Na you chose to be slave… we are helper to our self that is what I know… I wash cloth he iron, even if am tired or stressed to cook there is nothing bad in him also cooking.. even cleaning the house go both ways.. as far as we both working class”.

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Another user added,

“People will commend her because there is no morality again in marriage institutions.

How can a married woman express something that every married woman ought to do? Every woman must serve her husband diligently.”


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