I did not get my six packs from the gym, it’s hard labour that gave it to me- Rema

Rema has admitted, in a funny way, that he didn’t work out to get his amazing six packs, a feature of his personality that makes his female followers drool, but rather that they were the result of suffering.

The musician revealed this in an interview with Spotify, adding that working hard and in low-paying professions helped him build his body.

He described how, when he and his family were living in Benin City, Edo state, he used to carry buckets of water. Rema claims that he continued to hustle and grow more during his time in Ghana.

He said; “I don’t go to the gym. I always had my body patterns, way back since Benin, fetching water, carrying buckets of water, you know, wheelbarrows.

“When I was in Ghana when I was hustling, doing hard labour. I was already getting ripped out from whatever I was doing. You know, days that I starved, my packs just came out, like [laughs].”


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