Thursday, November 26, 2020

“I Didn’t Bury His Head Between My Thighs Plus He Would Never Date Me For A Second”-Angel Agbetornyo, Facebook Girl Who Bragged About Fcking Sparrow Gh Finally Speaks After Running Away On Facebook (Photos)

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Angel Agbetornyo, the Facebook girl who bragged about burying Sparrow Gh’s head  between her thighs and fcking him right in his car, has finally come out of her shell, after she deactivated her Facebook account when her story went viral on several major blogs and also on Social Media.

“I Miss Burying His Head Between My Thighs, He Licks Soo Good But Came Under Seconds”–Facebook Girl Brags About Fcking Boy Known As Sparrow Gh & He’s Not Happy About It–The Gossip

After suffering lots of backlash on Social media, Angel has come out to say that, she didn’t really fck Sparrow, like she bragged and that she was only joking as she wanted the person she was chatting with in the screenshots captured to be jealous because according to her, the said friend she was chatting with who leaked the screenshots was crushing on Sparrow, so she only wanted to say things, so she would lose interest in him.

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Interestingly, Sparrow Gh is a rapper as well and from what we gather, he’s loaded with cash, something that explains why most girls want to forcely associate themselves with him.

Angel Agbetornyo–The Facebook Girl who bragged about fcking a guy after he made him lick her for 30 mins

In these screenshots we’ve added below, Angels also adds that, the screenshot where she bragged that she fcked Sparrow was even a year old and that, she was surprised, the girl decided to leak it recently.

It Was supposed to be a joke to kill her

And it continues

It’s been more than a year has also gathered that since the story broke, the company she works at has given her a query letter and her job is at stake now.

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