I didn’t go for my BECE results because I knew I wouldn’t pass – Obaapa Christy

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Ghanaian gospel musician Obaapa Christy has revealed that she did not bother going for her Basic Education Certificate Examination results because she knew she wouldn’t pass.

Obaapa Christy disclosed that she was not academically good and did not bother herself much during her basic school days.

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Obaapa Christy further disclosed that she decided not to further her education because she did not do well academically. Obaapa Christy told the host on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that she was not a bright student.

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”However, I have come to discover that education is important. You need a positive mindset to succeed. If I had that positive mindset, I think I would have made it. But it is not too late. I will be going back to school. It is not too late to go back to school.”

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The artist however stated that although she does not have higher education, God has used her through her songs to save lives.

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“If God had blessed people because of their higher education, I would not be where I am today. God gave me something, and that is what I have done all these years.”

She added ”Mathematics was my best subject because God knew I would be wealthy and be counting money, she said amidst laughter.

Source: www.ghbase.com


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