“I Didn’t Know Your Brain Is Small Like That Of A Mosquito’s Clitoris”–A-Plus Blasts FilmMaker Leila Djansi After Her Comment On The Moesha Brouhaha

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Filmmaker, Leila Djansi has entered into a war of words with NPP sympathizer Kwame A Plus and we are certain she’s not going to like what A-Plus has said about her. Leila Djansi in a Facebook post opined that women who are married but are unemployed are not better than Moesha Buduong, so Moesha should be left alone and not condemned.

It’s obvious her post pissed Kwame A-Plus off and that has caused the musician to lash her out as well, to the extent of saying Leila’s brain is small like a Mosquito’s clitoris–I have to google ‘Mosquito clitoris’

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Leila’s full post when she was reacting to a story published on Ghanaweb after the Gender Ministry issued a statement attacking Moesha for her comment in that infamous CNN interview read:

Ghana, haven’t y’all over flogged this girl and issue?
If you really want to disassociate from it, stop condoning the practice of sending women into marriage whether they are financially sound or not!
If you are a woman without a job and cannot fully afford your bills and you enter marriage not so you can have/be a partner, but so the husband can ‘foot the bills’ you are no different.

It’s because of these issues that we’re advocating for independent women! Not women who are ‘cookers’, cleaners and child-bearers whiles the men are breadwinners, sponsors and sitting on the couch’ers.

You can’t be condemning this young lady and at the same time condemn the clarion call for self sufficient women.

In reacting to the comment made by Leila, Kwame A-Plus wrote:


“This comment from her is very unfortunate and I will recommend that she sees a psychiatric for help. How can any sensible woman think that entering into a marriage where a woman carries babies for 9 months, goes into labour that can take her very life, gives birth and spend the rest of her life raising kids while the man provides for them can be compared to Moesha and her relationship with someone’s husband or even ashawo? Madam didn’t know that your brain is small like a mosquito’s clitoris…. Ah!! Define marriage…. And who said sitting at home, cooking, cleaning, washing, taking kids to and from school is not work….. That is why it’s always good to celebrate the dead. They have finished living their lives and will never disappoint you. I liked this woman”.

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