“I do not make all my money from music” – Okese 1 discloses his sources of income

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Ghanaian rapper Okese 1 has disclosed his other sources of income.

According to him, he does not make all his money from the music he does but has other sources he makes money from.

This was revealed when the rapper sat with Abeiku Santana for an interview on Okay FM. When asked if he makes all his money from music, Okese 1 said he has other means of making money.

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“I make money online. There are several ways of making money and I rely on the online way to make extra cash,” he said in Twi

Abeiku Santana who was clearly surprised at the revelation said how much does he make online for him to live so lavishly with mansions splattered across the country and the purchasing of fancy cars.

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Okese 1 replied by saying: “I make my money from Bitcoin…Bitcoin is very stable and you can make a lot of money from it. It becomes unstable or unreliable when the person investing does not know his or her way around it.”

Speaking on his recent misunderstanding with Andy Dosty which has gained some attention, Okese 1 said he still does not understand what he did wrong to the host to be treated so coldly.


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