I don’t beef like a woman, If you want to diss me, come straight at me and wait for your response- Strongman

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Strongman has issued a fiery statement to Lyrical Joe and Amerado not to throw innuendoes if they really want to come to the beef party.

Lyrical Joe and Amerado have been at each other’s throats lyrically in recent times and Strongman had had his fair share of some of the stray piercing bullets.

The former SarkCess Music signee warned the duo to be bold and come him straight so he would show them who the boss is rather than hiding under the veil of innuendoes and sending subliminal punches at him.

Strongman reminded them that if they behave like women, he won’t be in the same bracket.

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Strongman controversially said his wife Nana Ama has warned him never to reply to Amerado over the subliminal shots he threw at him in his Obia Boa song days ago in an interview.

According to him, he decided not to reply to Amerado and his wife reinforced his posture by warning him not to descend to his level and give him attention otherwise they will break up.

He made this pronouncement when he spoke to Ike De Unpredictable on Angel FM.

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He further said when the time is right and fans clamour for it, he won’t hesitate to fire back.

Strongman said a beef song becomes fiery when one replies immediately after the gauntlet is thrown down at him but when time elapses, it’s no longer prudent to reply.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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