I Don’t Go To Church Because People Take The Attention From Jesus And Give It To Me – EL Discloses

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Most of the celebrities in Ghana have come out to give one reason or the other as to why they refuse to attend church.

The newest addition to the list of non- church goers is Musician Elorm Dablah known in showbiz circles as EL.

According to EL in an interview on Hitz FM his fame has contributed to his decision not to go to church.

“The last time I went to church I ended up taking pictures with fans and Jesus wasn’t happy”. He stated..

EL further bemoaned that all he wants is to worship God in peace and he is ready to resume that role should he find a church that can give him that.

“I haven’t stopped going to church, I’m just looking for a church that i can be myself and worship in peace”. He stated.

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E.L in his final statement added that this hasn’t affected his spirituality in anyway because he still prays to God and worship Him at home.

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