“I Don’t Know How To Pray”, New Christian Convert Seeks Tips On How To Pray To God

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Communicating with one’s object of worship is very important, and for a new covert, it somewhat becomes difficult finding your way around how things are done in the religion that you’ve just joined, even how to pray needs to be taught to you.

In other religions like the Christian religion, it is somewhat easy to pray as a new convert just needs to talk to their God in just the language they understand and learn to use the name of the Lord when communicating to Him.

It isn’t, however, this easy in other religions as you have to rigorously follow some laid down procedures on how to pray, which sometimes takes quite a while to perfect.

In what many would describe as weird, a lady, who says she recently became Christian, from a very atheist family, has said that she has no idea whatsoever on how to pray to God.

She, thus, took to social media to seek tips on how to pray as she says she wants to build a solid relationship with God.

Given that atheists do not believe in the existence of God and therefore do not see any essence in praying as they often say there is no chance any God is listening and would respond to their prayer, this user is certainly on a different lane to that she has just left to convert to Christianity where prayer is very much a part of their activities, and so her call to be taught how to pray is not out of place.

The new convert, using the handle, @elbolina on Twitter, said; “I recently became Christian, from a very atheist family, and have no idea how to pray, has anyone got any tips? I just want to build my relationship with God”.

Many will be surprised at such a call but she’s in need of help on how to pray because she wants a good relationship with her maker.

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