I don’t like gob3 but the economy has forced me to start eating gob3 – Fameye

Award-winning Ghanaian artist Fameye has confessed that his eating pattern has changed due to the economic hardship.

A lot o Ghanaians have complained bitterly about the current hardship in the country after inflation increased by over 100%. Many people have resorted to foods that can sustain them throughout the day.

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Speaking in an interview on Luv FM, the artist disclosed that he did not like the popular local delicacy ‘Gob3’ but due to the economic hardship, he has no choice but to start eating it.

Fameye said, “now the prices of rice and even ‘gob3’ are ever-increasing which is why I added all of these in my song to tell my people to believe in God that he has done it already and it shall be well although things are hard in the country“.

It seems Fameye is not the only one who has joined the Goe3 eaters association. Recall that about a month ago, former President John Mahama also applauded the local food Gob3 for being a ‘life saver’.

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Let us consciously eat more of our local food like yam, local grains like maize, rice, our local rice, cassava, beans, gob3,” John Mahama said at a forum to address the Ghanaian economy and its challenges.

Source: www.ghbase.com


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