‘I don’t need marriage; I have enough money to buy a man for him to do whatever I want’ – Actress Nkechi Blessing

I don’t need marriage; I have enough money to buy a man for him to do whatever I want  – Actress Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing, an actress in Nollywood, has played down the significance of being married.

As far as she is concerned, having an affair with another man while still being married is not something that should be a priority for her.

Nkechi Blessing, when asked about her views on the background of her indecision about marriage, implied that she has made enough money, enough to buy a man for herself. She shared her views on the basis of her indecision.

She continued by saying that she would never submit to a man’s authority or allow herself to be told what to do. On the other hand, she would never consent to get married to a man who would have to submit to her authority for the rest of her life if they were to get married.

“Is marriage necessary for every woman/” – Nkechie Blessing thinks NO? According to her, so long as a woman is financially capable of taking care of herself and her needs, she does not need to marry.

“No one in this life has ever said dem won’t get married. With the little change I have, I can comfortably buy a man, you dey hear English. I can easily purchase a man and bring him into my home. He will remain until I tell him to leave when I say him “sit down there.”



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