‘I don’t receive awards of such caliber’ – Dr. UN responds to LilWin’s reason for rejecting honorary sculpture

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Dr. UN has responded to LilWin’s reason for rejecting a statue made in his honor by an ardent fan of his.

The Kumawood actor was presented with a monument a few days ago, but he declined it. The statue was rejected by Lil Win because, in his mind and eyes, it resembled another Ghanaian media personality.

The sculpture was modeled after Kumawood, who was dressed in a white suit with a black turtleneck sweater.

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The artist created the sculpture as a method of expressing his affection for the actor, but the actor was not thrilled with it and compared it to Dr. UN instead.

Lil Win, in response to the monument, posted the artwork on social media with the comment “Ooo Ghana why why all this ummm this is Dr UN is not me why.”

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In a radio interview, Dr. UN responded to the actor’s tweet by stating, “Lilwin is suggesting the statue should be awarded to me since it resembles me, but I don’t accept honors of this kind.” If someone gave it to me, I’d accept it since it shows gratitude and that the individual appreciates you.”

Dr. UN believes it is past time for Lil Win to stop trolling him. “Lilwin was making fun of me for recognizing the country’s bigwigs.” We’re still learning, and few people are aware of honorary honors, so I don’t blame him,” he explained.

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