I don’t take advice from broke people- ‘Famous side chic’, Deborah tells critics

Deborah Seyram Adablah has responded to the relentless criticism she has faced since parting ways with her sugar daddy.

In a new video aimed at her detractors, Debbie unleashed a passionate rant against those who have mocked and insulted her, asserting that their words hold no power over her. Furthermore, she made it clear that she does not take advice from people who are broke.

Moreover, she directly addressed Debbie, stating that if the trolls intended to silence her, they should be prepared to offer her GHC 10,000 as compensation.

She emphasized that, where she comes from, silencing someone is achieved through financial means rather than through insults. To conclude, she firmly asserted that if social media users wished for her to acknowledge their opinions, they would need to provide monetary compensation instead of hurling insults.

“Where we originate from, if you want to make someone go quiet, you give that person money like GHC10K or whatever you have in your capacity and tell them it’s okay.

“You don’t make them go quiet with insult. What willinsultsn with the insult? Will it take my beauty or my hairline? Insults don’t do anything to anybody. My essence is not with you, it is with me. If you want someone to take your opinion, you use money”, she added.

Deborah’s case against his ex-sugar daddy Mr. Nimako, was dismissed by a High Court, citing that her case lacked merit and has asked Deborah to pay Mr. Nimako Ghc10,000.

In the ruling today, November 28, 2023, the court presided over by Justice John Bosco Nabarese held that their relationship was immoral and not accepted in society and also there was no reasonable cause of action in the writ filed by Deborah.

Deborah went into history books in Ghana as the first side chick to confidently sue her sugar daddy just because he had ended their relationship and decided not to continue paying her rent, and her monthly allowance among other things when he had promised her to do that for 3 years but ended things before the contract expired.

Well, this is the final defeat for Deborah as earlier in May this year, the court had instructed her to hand over the car Mr Nimako bought for her to the court’s registrar pending a ruling on the main case.

What this also means is that Mr. Nimako gets to take back his car as he had smartly registered the car in his name before giving it to her to use for her usual rounds. In Deborah’s writ, she was asking the court to force Mr. Nimako to transfer the title of the Honda Civic to her name.


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