I don’t think he thinks that that’s his greatest verse of all time- Lupe Fiasco on ‘legendary’ Jay-Z’s verse on ‘God Did’ song

Jay- Z’s verse on DJ Khaled’s “GOD DID” has earned applause from Lupe Fiasco, albeit arguing that the Brooklyn legend’s discography is too extensive for the DJ Khaled collaboration to be ranked among his finest.

The Chicago rapper made it plain that his admiration for the head of Roc Nation extends well beyond that of the typical music fan in his interview with HipHopDX before giving his thoughts about JAY-most Z’s recent release.

“I’m not a JAY-Z fan, I am a JAY-Z child,” Lupe explained. “I’m a son of JAY-Z. I am the son of Jigga. I literally learned how to rap by rapping over JAY-Z records. [I’d] put on Reasonable Doubt and I would write raps on top of him rapping. I study him deeply.

“He executive produced my first album. I’ve been in studio with him, there’s business things that have occurred. There’s a deep, rich history with me and Jay that the world knows about, or maybe the world doesn’t know about it. It’s not really super public. But I’ve given him records and we have a song together, right? I can say I’ve got a record with JAY-Z.”

Lupe added: “So every time JAY-Z raps, I start rapping. It’s like a Pavlovian response. And that’s why I can’t listen to Jay, because if I do I’ll start rapping the entire day. The bars are just coming because it’s like the bell rings. It’s like, raps, raps, raps. That’s the effect he has on me.”

Since its inclusion on DJ Khaled’s chart-topping album of the same name late last month, JAY-“GOD Z’s DID” verse has received a great deal of praise.

Along with Fridayy, the song also includes Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and John Legend. Jay’s 80-bar clinic, which was praised for being recorded in one take, also sparked a nearly 12-minute breakdown from MSNBC’s Hip Hop-quoting anchor Ari Melber, which is now available on Hov’s official Apple Music, Spotify, and TIDAL streaming accounts.

The controversy surrounding the stanza has sparked a wider debate about “GOD DID’s” greatness as a poem by JAY-Z. Not in Lupe Fiasco’s opinion.

“So I went to listen to Khaled’s album, only to hear the JAY-Z verse. Because when JAY-Z puts out a verse you gotta go see what he’s talking about,” Lupe told DX. “Is it JAY-Z’s best verse? Absolutely not. Everybody knows that, right? Everybody knows that that’s not JAY-Z’s greatest verse of all time.”

Lupe was then asked if “GOD DID” was one of JAY-Z’s best verses. “No, it’s not,” he answered. “But let’s separate that. And here’s the approach from two ways: Are we talking about technically use of language JAY-Z? The skilled lyricist who flips entendres. That JAY-Z? Or are we talking about billionaire Jay? Socialite Jay. Entrepreneur Jay.”

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