I don’t trust the EC. I think they might manipulate the voting results – Mahama

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Former President Mahama believes the Electoral Commission (EC), the institution that is mandated to conduct Ghana’s elections, is not competent enough to ensure a free and fair exercise.

According to the 2020 flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the current crop of leaders at the EC are not fit enough for the job especially when the EC has set a high standard of professionalism over the years thus the probability of the results of the election been manipulated is high.

Speaking in an interview on Woezor TV, Mr Mahma said the incompetence of the Electoral Commission will in effect render the results of the general election that is expected to come off on December 7 debatable.

“We know they are new, so they might not be as competent because they have the buck office and technical people who buck stop you and so they must rely on those people to show them what to do. But those three commissioners have a mind of their own and doing things the way they want.”

“I hear that a lot of people who are very capable and technically competent but because they served under Charlotte Osei’s administration, they have been transferred to the districts, so they don’t have much competence in the headquarters as they should have especially with experienced hands.”

“That is why for the first time, I began to doubt the competence of our Electoral Commission. This has been a model commission to the whole of Africa. And I have always felt confident, that we have a commission that on the day will rise up to the occasion. This time, I am afraid, I don’t have that level of confidence,” he said.


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