I don’t understand why younger men are hitting on me- Lala Anthony

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Lala Anthony is disclosing specifics about her romantic history. The dating pool, according to her, has gotten younger since she divorced Carmelo Anthony.

On a Call Her Daddy podcast episode on Spotify, Lala, 40, made an appearance where she revealed:

“Here’s how it goes. This is what I’m finding, I don’t understand this … I’m not saying when you get older you want to date younger guys, but when you get older, only younger guys want to date you.” Lala went on the tell the host, Alex Cooper,

“It’s the wildest thing. Guys will DM me and want to take me out, and I’ll Google them; I’ll be like, ‘You’re 22 years old.’ Like, how?”

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LaLa is looking for the “cut-off” age, according to Page Six. She does, however, relish the attention from young men: She added that the fact that the dating environment is so new means she isn’t currently dating anyone seriously. Lala stated:

“People think I’m just out there, like, you can have any guy you want, but not really because the guys trying to talk to me are 21 to 22 years old.”

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She continued by saying she’s open to dating younger men but hasn’t yet committed to anything. Lala claimed that rather than being a basketball player, she would think about dating an athlete again.

Look at the video here:

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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