“I don’t want to be explaining things” – Nana Ama finally speaks after breaking up with Sammy (Video)

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Finally, the real Nana Ama who has shredded the heart of Sammy into pieces has spoken. News of Sammy shedding tears and begging Nana Ama to accept him back after cheating went viral since yesterday and it has now become the topic of discussion on every social media platform.

Anyway, apparently the first photos that came out as Nana Ama was a random Instagram user minding her own business when she was tagged with this. Also, check out of the girl Sammy cheated with here.

Speaking on the issue in the midst of her friends, the real Nana Ama noted that she doesn’t want to be explaining things.

I don’t want to be explaining things…you people should stop that…

She followed it up with a post on her Instagram handle adding that people should stop asking questions because she’s not ready to explain herself to anyone.

See her post below:

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