I don’t want to get married or have kids- Princess Shyngle

Well-known Gambian Ghanaian-based actress Princess Shyngle has disclosed why she doesn’t want to get married again.

Princess Shyngle divorced her childhood crush, Gibou Bala Gaye, just three months after they got married. Their divorce got a lot of people talking as many did not know the exact cause of the divorce.

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It seems the collapse of Princess Shyngle’s marriages in the past has made her lose interest in the institution as she warns men not to propose to her. According to her, “the thought of me ever getting married again makes me sick to my stomach I don’t ever want to get married again“.

Sending a warning to any man or woman who may find him or herself dating her, Miss Shyngle continued that “so if we’re dating don’t be calling and texting me every day, once a week is good enough“.

Don’t ever introduce me to any of your friends or family members. Don’t you dare try to propose to me cuz that will be the last time you will ever hear from me again. I don’t care if you’re bisexual you can cheat on me with men and women I do not care as long as you’re paying my bills, support my dreams, giving me good d**k, buying me expensive shit, l’ll be the happiest,” she added.

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I’m not interested in having kids so feel free to have as many baby mama’s as you want. Lastly don’t you ever post me on your social media or tell me you love me,” she said in a social media post.

source: wwww.ghbase.com


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