I don’t want to hear God’s name, he never came to my rescue when I was broke- Pastor Tobi Adegboyega

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Founder of Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Church, popularly known as SPAC Nation, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has shockingly been captured on a tape saying he doesn’t want to hear that his sccuess being attributed to God.

The UK-based cleric stated without mincing words that God never did anything for him so he’s tired of hearing people say God has shone his light on him.

Adegboyega said God never came to his rescue when he had nothing hence nobody should tell him he owes his success and everything to him.

He explained that while growing up as a kid, he was made to believe that God would solve their problems but that it never happened.

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His unexpeted statement triggered a myriad of comments from netizens some of which can be seen below;

IG user ozi.ijn said; That’s a lie! God always comes through!

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sarafinny_eunice; Hnmmmmmm! Except is a different God oh, but the God I know has always proved himself faithful,done great things for me even when I don’t deserve them. And I will forever worship him(God) for life 🙌🙌🙌

olanrewajuadeyemo; Post the full video to get the context

rickkyrich; God will provide all your needs, if you trust and obey

amandyjones; Pastor for Wch church him be 😂😂

yoo_jei; So how and why are you a pastor?

akunede1; Let’s hear the whole clip so we don’t quote him out of context

queen___sasha_; Chaii God is so patient 😩😩… ThankGod for God🙏🏻

tukooldegreat; BRUH🤩, I mean its so clear this man is not a man of God. 100% clear! The end is near

lucky___yo; Some people will still support him 😂😂😂

mrslivyy; I don’t know about your god but my GOD always show up for me ❤️❤️❤️

bosinijnr; I want to see the whole video so I understand his context.

jectimi_comedy; Wetin u expect from pastor wey davido dey carry go club. Pastor wey club jeje oh. Na so God go call am. What do u expect of him

ophisial_dee; Yes! Because he’s breathing with oxygen from his hospital

motola_tosyne; So who is he serving,he definitely still has unresolved childhood traumas

mr_ckris; Here I am wishing he was taken out of context. Because why?

debuzywardrobe; So what message was he really trying to pass? That we should stop trusting God for something? You failed sir😂😂😂

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com

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