“I Feel Bad For Menzgold Customers Because They Won’t Get Their Money On April 15th As Promised By NAM1”- Ibrah One

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Looks like matters relating to Menzgold are dying out by the days as everything going on seems customers have no option than to accept the fact that they took a big risk and their investment went bad.

In less than a week ago, the supposed brother of NAM1 known as KOD posted a photo on his social media pages, announcing that Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah are bouncing back from April 15th, 2019.

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The first words on the banner reads, “SUPPORT THE MENZGOLD 15TH APRIL 2019 PROJECT”. Then another inscription stated that 15th of April will be Menzgold customers’ happy day. All this could mean is that Nana Appiah Mensah will be paying his customers from 15th April.

Well, young billionaire Ibrah One believes this announcement made by Nana Appiah and his associates are lies. He posted on his Instagram and snapchat saying he feels bad for Menzgold customers as they are being lied to that they will be paid hence they’re only trying to buy time.

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Let’s see what happens on the 15th of April since it’s just a few weeks away.

Below is the post made by Ibrah One. Share your thoughts with us.

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