I Felt Like I Could Achieve Anything in “Gey Hey” – Adina

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Adina Thembi, musician of Ghanaian and South African descent, in recollecting her high high school days has described them to be dreamy and positive.

On Y  97.9 FM’s ‘Dryve Of Your Lyfe’ show with Nana Kwesi-Wusu, she revealed that being in Wesley Girls’ Senior High School, popularly known as ‘Gey Hey’ gave her an opportunity to be herself. Through the support she gained over there, it became clear to her that she could achieve anything. “While I was in school, I was always dreaming. I dreamt really big about how grand life could be,” Adina said.

Touching on the tough aspects of high school life, she stated, “Like we had the proper school moments where because of scrubbing and things like that we think that life is hard. A few animosities here and there and you will think some senior hates you. All those normal processes happened all right, but for me, looking back at Wesley Girls High school, I do remember being a dreamer. I remember positivity a lot and I remember feeling like I can achieve anything.”

To Adina, ‘Gey Hey’ greatly shaped her to be who she is today.

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