I Found A Better Man – Xandy Kamel Mocks Ex-Husband, Kaninja

After meeting a new boyfriend, Ghanaian actress and TV show host Xandy Kamel made fun of her ex-husband Kaninja.

Xandy Kamel was heard making fun of her ex-husband and comparing him to her new partner in a video that went viral.

Xandy Kamel recently shared her story of losing a pregnancy. She disclosed that her spouse was deceived about a matter pertaining to them.

But rather of offering an apology, he violently slammed her up against a wall, which caused her to miscarry.

She claimed to enjoy kids, which is why she got excited every time she took a bite of seed. She did not, however, receive any concern from her ex-husband during the time of her losses.

Xandy Kamel said that he later expressed regret following her presentation of the issue to their parents.

Xandy, on the other hand, gave birth to a gorgeous baby with her new spouse a few weeks ago, after experiencing numerous heartbreaks.

Watch the video below;


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