I groomed Strongman, Eno and Wutah to become better musicians – Guru

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As one of Ghana’s most renowned entertainers, Guru’s influence cannot be overstated.

On 3FM Drive, Guru mentioned the artists he has nurtured under his label and the legacy he wishes to leave in the annals of music history.

Guru said there was no animosity between him and Sarkodie when Strongman joined to Sarkodie’s label.

While at UCC, he was being referred to by the label. In Cape Vas, we took care of him while he was here. We made numerous attempts to be of assistance to him. You can see why we wanted him to finish school by looking at that. We never intended to put any pressure on him to do anything in particular. As a result, we granted him full authority to carry out his duties.”

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In Guru’s opinion, he didn’t make any money off of artiste management. When an artist feels successful and ready to take control, he says, there’s no way to keep them from leaving.

“I didn’t get any money out of any of the projects I worked on. Because of my financial prowess, I can elevate you to a particular level. I’ll be there for you. I’ll provide you with the publicity you desire. To run and defend your brand, use my own page.

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Put in the money, and make it look like you’re on a higher level than you are. “How do you handle it if the artist says they want to quit the label when it’s at its peak?” Guru inquired about Giovani’s status.

“The label had six or seven artists signed to it,” he recalled. In addition to Strongman and Eno, this list includes Wutah, Ofori Amponsah, King Paluta, and Kwesi Swart. You have to put a lot of money down to get started. To film their video, you must take them to Dubai.

“A young artist whose potential you’re not sure will live up to… The legacy I want to leave behind is that I’m not a self-centered artist who just cares about himself at the expense of others, says Lapaz Toyota’s hitmaker.

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