I had three girlfriends at the same time but I dumped them after what a prophet told me- Fameye

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‘Nothing I Get’ hitmaker, Fameye said before he broke into the mainstream and become a household name, he was having an affair with three women simultaneously.

Fameye continued to say he however dumped all of them after Prophet Nigel Gaisie pronounced a doom prophecy on him which he strictly adhered to and turned his life around.

“After his death prophesies, my soul nearly left my body. I even broke up with all my girlfriends. I had about three women at the time.

The prophet even gave me the date I was going to die. Recently I was in America when he tweeted that I have been ungrateful to him after his prophecy about me came to pass,” Fameye said during a recent interview on Culture Daily on 3 Music in reaction to Gaisie’s proclamation that Fameye has snubbed him since his prophecy about his life came to pass.

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According to the singer, Nigel even provided him with the date on which the unfortunate incident would occur.

“I want to comment on Nigel’s case. Yes, I indeed visited his church and he prophesied to me about my death. I don’t want to give details but he said I was going to die and added that I was going to blow. I was visiting other churches because I wanted God to cause an elevation in my music career.

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Thus, he acknowledged the prophet’s significant influence on his life and promised to make amends to him in due course.

“I want to use this medium and inform you that I haven’t forgotten about you, I will come to see you at the right time. What you said has come to pass but I know that your prayers also averted the death you saw. There is no bad blood, God bless you,” Fameye added.

SOURCE: www.Ghbase.com


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