“I hate work, I want to own shop at East Legon where my husband launders money through me” – Lady

A young lady has intimated that she is bored with working 8 hours daily.

According to her, she needs a better opportunity where she will not need to break her back in order to make money.

Tweeting with the handle [@dictasvg] the lady, identified as Benedicta said all that she wanted was to own a shop at East Legon where his husband would launder money through her.

For her, that will be an easier way of making money than being confined into an office space for hours where she would be probably working on something she does not enjoy.

I don’t think 9-5 is for me, tbh I want a shop in east legon where I open up at 12 pm and my husband launders money through me

Many have alluded to the claim that she was trying to take a swipe at Fella Makafui and Medikal because they somewhat fall perfectly into her description.

Also, the Ghana Police Service has been tagged in the post with many calling for her to be arrested especially when money laundering is a grave economic crime.

For the uninitiated, Money Laundering is the concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money, typically through transfers involving foreign banks or legitimate businesses.



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