‘I Have A Message For All Menzgold Customers On January 1st 2019’ – Ibrah One

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Things are becoming worse by each passing day for customers of Menzgold Ghana as they don not know where their fate lies with issues concerning their investments.

Several celebrities have come out to say it was a fraudulent venture and that investors are not getting their funds back anytime soon. One other person who has been very controversial with this particular subject is Ibrah One.

In a recent Instagram story post, he made mention that he has a message for all customers of Menzgold Ghana on January 1st 2019 and that they should stay tuned. We keep wondering what message the young billionaire has for the lamenting customers.

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Below is a screenshot of what Ibrah One posted:

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We’ll keep you updated on whatever he has to say to the Menzgold customers.

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