Sunday, May 31, 2020

I Have Been Banged In The An*s Severally – Mzbel

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Although most couples especially Jesus’ followers (Christians) reject the practice of anal s3x because of the perception that it’s sinful as well as its accompanying health effects.

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For doctors, anus is a place designed to hold and facilitate the passing of faeces. This makes it a fertile breeding ground and holding area for bacteria. Therefore, through insertion, there is a high chance that you can be infected through your partner’s bacteria.

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Also, if vaginal intercourse occurs immediately after anal intercourse, your partner can also get affected by the bacteria that transfer from the anus to the vagina. It can cause UTIs or urinary tract infections at the least and more serious infections as well.

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Regardless of the above-mentioned consequences, practitioners of anal s3x especially Mzbel keep admonishing those in amorous relationships or better still couples to practice it becomes of its sweetness. According to Mzbel, engaging in anal s3x is always painful for the first time but it becomes normal after several engagements.

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She made this shocking revelation on her ‘Odo Nso’ programme that couples who have never tried anal s3x should give it a try and they will never regret – it’s so sweet. She went on to reveal that a lot of Ghanaian men send her images of their small and big d*cks often for reasons best known to them.

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