“I have found peace after finding Christ Jesus” – Atheist woman converts to Christianity; writes a powerful messsage

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"I have found peace after finding Christ Jesus" – Atheist woman converts to Christianity; writes a powerful messsage

An Atheist woman has publicly declared that she has now found perpetual peace and freedom after meeting Christ Jesus.

According to her, when she was an Atheist she hated and was easily annoyed with Christians because they seemed happy and free. Chloe Nicole said she burned inside whenever she was Christians.

In fact, she was not happy that Christians were happy and that was a constant source of worry to her until she met Christ Jesus. Nicole in a tweet said despite her present circumstances, there is some level of joy and fulfilment she has after converting to Christianity.

When I was atheist, I remember being sooo annoyed by Christians and how happy they always were. I was mad that they weren’t miserable & angry like me! Now I’m in Christ Jesus, and this JOY I feel is SO real, despite my circumstances. I rest and have peace in GOD!
@NSAAtheist replied: If you think Christians are joyous, you should listen to the prayer requests on Family Radio. Nothing but a parade of desperate, broken people, appealing to magic to solve their problems.
Eziokwu replied: sorry to say this madam. You were never an atheist. You were just bitter then. Most atheists I’ve met have read more than 5 holy books and made their choice. No amount of preaching can change them because they know more than the preacher. A real atheist is a religionist nightmare
Madu wrote: You was never an atheist, but a girl that is confused about life , once one understands the concept of being an atheist there is no going back, you were never an atheist at first place. Remember foolish people are always happy

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