Saturday, June 6, 2020

I Have Lied Soo Many Times, Now I Don’t Know Which Lie To Say Again–Stonebwoy (Video)

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Stonebwoy in an interview with Joy Prime refused to answer a question he was asked. His reason was that he had lied several times about the responses he gives each time, so now he’s even forgotten the response to give as it exposes him more each time he answers that question.

He was speaking about ‘Marriage and Fatherhood’ and disclosed that he’s being able to gain more respect amongst his superiors since he got married as now, people regard him as a responsible and wise man when he chose to settle down.

In that interview, he was then asked how old his daughter, Catherine Setekle was and he refused to answer that question for reason that, he had lied each time that question was thrown at him and so he does not want to answer it anymore as it exposes him.

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Stonebwoy and his wife Louisa

It would be recalled that, there were rumours that Stonebwoy rushed to marry his wife Louisa because he got her pregnant and the family ‘forced’ him to marry her as soon as possible as they didn’t want their daughter to give birth out of wedlock.

Stonebwoy, we believe wants to avoid confirming those rumours that, he married Louisa because there was a pregnancy, so giving the real age of his daughter, will in a way give let people know that, yes indeed Louisa was pregnant before he married.

But who cares Stonebwoy? Whether you married her because she was pregnant or not—There has been a marriage and the two of you are happy.—That’s the most important thing or?

Anyway, we’ve added that video interview below for you… Watch and share this story!

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