‘I have no children and so what?’ – Uncle Ebo Whyte charges

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Popular Ghanaian playwright and motivational speaker, Uncle Ebo Whyte has opened up about his marriage life slamming those who often mock him behind his back due to the fact that he has no biological son of his own.

Uncle Ebo who has been married for 36 years, disclosed that his family and that of his wife (Florence) used to put pressure on them over their childlessness.

But, according to him, they didn’t allow the pressure to determine the fate of their marriage. They are currently a happy couple because “my wife is a very patient woman and we also built our marriage on friendship.”

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“There is no reason why children are not coming. It wasn’t a medical problem too. So, we have decided that we are not going to stress ourselves. What we did was to dedicate our childless to the service of God and mankind,” he told NEWS-ONE in an exclusive interview on Thursday.

“We have rather opened our home and adopted children. From the initial days, we actually adopted children, now we are in a happy place where children adopt us with the blessings of their biological parents,” he added.

According to him, he loves his wife so much and getting married to her was one of the best things to have happened to his life.

Speaking about family pressure, Uncle Ebo added that “we dealt with it as a team. I dealt with my people and told them they can’t come and ask me why we are not having a child. It is our marriage it is not theirs. So they should shut up. And so that was what I did.

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My mother dropped the first hint and I let it slid but the second time I went to her and said mom if Florence was your daughter and she had been married for five years and came complaining to you that her mother-in-law came putting pressure on her what will you say? And her response was that Kwabena I understand what you are saying.”

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